Hero Ingredients


Aloe Vera - beneficial for sensitive skin as it provides healing and soothing properties

Australian Natural Pink Clay - naturally found in Australia and generally regarded as the most gentle clay there is and suitable for sensitive, dry, eczema-prone skin. It is a combination of red and white clays, which helps to withdraw impurities while restoring and replenishing skin with moisture and also regenerates the skin for natural collagen production.

Bergamot - balances oil secretions and great for acne

Calendula - helps soothe and calm skin, has anti-inflammatory and anti-septic properties.

Desert Lime - a native Australian fruit rich in Vitamin C, balances skin tone, enhances skin firmness and helps to rejuvenate the skin.

Green Tea - contains anti-oxidants which helps to fight free radical damage on skin and improves complexion.

Hyaluronic Acid - best for hydration & moisturizing which helps the skin look firm, plump, smooth and elastic, also assist in the production of collagen and has anti-bacterial properties, aids in water retention and helps with skin cell renewal, also helps to protect the skin from environmental exposure. 

Juniper - helps reduce sebum and blemishes and reduces acne.

Kakadu Plum - this native Australian fruit has the highest levels of Vitamin C of any fruits in the world - up to 55 times the amount of Vitamin C in oranges and rich in anti-oxidants, reducing redness and inflammation. It has anti-aging properties reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It also fades hyperpigmentation on skin. 

Lemongrass - acts as a skin toner and has anti-microbial properties

Lime - contains Vitamin C and flavonoids that strengthen collagen. 

Lime Essential Oils - beneficial for acne and has anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties

Papaya - a natural exfoliant, repair and even skin tone, provide hydration. regulates collagen production, remove dead skin cells and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. 

Pineapple - removes dead skin cells, is a natural exfoliator, helps get rid of acne and anti-inflammatory to sensitive and inflamed skin and keeps your skin hydrated and radiant. 

Plant-based Collagen - our collagen is sourced from seaweed which helps to  reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while promoting skin elasticity. 

Quandong - another native Australian fruit which acts like an AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid), provides a rich source of Vitamin E, hydrates the skin and reduces inflammation.

Vitamin C - boosts the skin's production of collagen and plumps the skin reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, also helps with acne and problem skins, reduces the impacts of aging skin.

White Willow Bark - provides gentle exfoliation for more radiant skin, helps reduce appearance of wrinkles, helps to fight acne, controls oil production, refines pores and reduces inflammation.